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Outback Shack Conservation Effort is all about Educating, Conservation and Researching everything concerning Frilled Dragons (and more), of all localities. The Owner / Project Manager has over 15 years of experience in keeping, breeding and researching herps, going on 17 years of experience with Frilled Dragons only! Due to their localities, we specialize in acquiring and understanding more mis-understood reptiles and amphibians. This includes Indonesian New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and several locations in Australia. We are getting a fundraiser going to get the projects of breeding for new and fresh bloodlines of Frilled Dragons going first; First part is Papua New Guineas and Indonesians, 1 project being 100% WC / Farmed / Ranched etc but for the intentions of getting healthier animals that can cut out a good portion of the Black Market. Second are going to be Strictly CBB Papua New Guineas & Indonesians, along with grandfathering new blood, Pairing a / multiple Frillies W.C. with U.S.CBB These WC specimens currently are roughly 85%-90% of the available animals on the market. I very much encourage going with acquiring from a private breeder, if you intend on getting one. Do your homework before hand PLEASE. I will have Guides / Articles written up for Husbandry Guidelines and actual Research. Books on Frilled Dragons and each locality are being written, just taking a while to gather all correct and accurate information needed. AUSTRALIAN Frillies!!! Gotta love those crazy Aussies!!! This is probably one of the most important projects concerning the Kingii species. Australia banned exporting animals back in the Mid 70's. June of 2022 the Gov't of Australia is putting over 120 species on the IUCN Red List, some Appendix 1, some only Appendix 3. I ( Aaron) want to get BACK to Australia and have the Licensing to bring new bloodlines into the states and Breed the Grandfathered specimens in the (coming VERY soon) Conservation, Research and Breeding Facility. Another space will have both Australians and Papua New Guineas / Indonesians on display for strictly Exhibiting only, this is a State law (may be federal, idk but not taking chances) covered under only my Licenses. There may be some Parents on Display at the show (this includes my super colored Hybrids of 75% Red Phase Northern Territory Australian Dominant, 25% Papua New Guinea (CBB)) depending on if the ability of acquiring at least 3+ Australians becomes possible to form a colony of unrelated bloods. 50/50 Hybrids I'll be working on last. Main area of major focus is getting the WC and Illegal Imports of PNG's, Indonesians and Australians off the black market and get Captives out there more and more. Both PNG's and Australian Frilleds are under serious threat, so we have to do this very carefully and planned out solidly. The goal here is to get these animals more understood and major conservation FOR the public. In the words of Tom Crutfield, "Conservation through Commercialization" is key. I've taken that very seriously. So, Help out in any way and we will reach our goal much faster than expected. More out there as well, and best of the best: all different colors of actual Frills! Stop by and say hi! Love meeting new people and teaching right on the spot. It's more fun that way anyways. See everyone there! -Aaron J

Outback Shack Conservation Effort

Outback Shack Conservation Effort

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