Vending @ Capital District Reptile Expo Spring 2022 - May 22nd, 2022

ATTENTION: Our Spring 2022 Expo tables are sold out. You may still sign-up but you will be wait listed and considered for the Fall 2022 Expo on September 25th

We're glad you're interested in getting additional information about vending at the Capital District Reptile Expo on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022.  There are a few things that you should know before signing up for consideration to vend.

  • This show is located in the New York Capital Complex in the Albany Capital Center.  You can find more information about this fantastic venue here

  • There is ample parking in and around the Capital Complex and the venue itself has over double the floor space that we had in our previous venue.

  • Even though we have significantly more space, we will still be highly selective in our vendors.

  • We will be reviewing each application to vend for reputation and suitability for our show.  We will also assure that we have a good variety of each type of animal and goods.  This is to assure a good event for our patrons as well as a successful one for each vendor.  If you are rejected we will explain why that occurred.

  • The cost of each 8 foot table with be only $100, including electricity!

NEW! Simplified Vendor Registration Process:

Sign-up to Vend --> Receive Invoice via email --> Pay

  1. Click the Sign-up To Vend button below to complete the registration form with information about your business as well as how many tables you'd like to request.

  2. Your completed Vendor Registration form will be reviewed by the Expo team.  

  3. Once approved you will receive an invoice via email for your requested number of tables

  4. You can securely pay via PayPal using the link in the invoice itself.  

 NOTE: Tables are not reserved until payment is received and once paid are non-refundable.